Case Study: Scoular


Scoular is an international corporation with $5 billion in annual sales. The company has had a livestock feed ingredients facility in the Jerome area for a number of years to support the local dairy industry, but wanted to find a location for a 15,000-square-foot facility to manufacture barley protein concentrate. The concentrate is a sustainable, plant-based alternative protein that is used in aquaculture feed and pet food.

The Process

Jerome 20/20 had many advantages to work with while recruiting Scoular. The company already owned land here, and Jerome is just a short drive from some of America’s largest trout suppliers, which provide an instant market for Scoular’s product.

Jerome 20/20 coordinated with the Jerome City Urban Renewal Agency to handle site mitigation and establish a natural gas supply. The organization also connected Scoular to a British Columbia-based company that could explore additional possible uses of products created during Scoular’s manufacturing process.


Scoular broke ground on its new facility, housed on four acres south of Scoular’s existing plant in Jerome, in 2020. The plant is expected to create 13 jobs initially and begin manufacturing in 2021.

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